” There is no elevator to success… You have to take the stairs.”

— Zig Ziglar

We Are Proud To Work With

work and study abroad

WE HELP develop hands-on job skills and abilities with major placement principals and partners in the U.S., Canada, Europe, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand coupled with new experiences of independently living abroad to widen your outlook in life.

WE ENVISION being the premier stepping stone of young Filipinos to attain their goal in becoming globally competitive professionals; by matching them to companies that can best train them to achieve their potential.

WE AIM to place each and every one in the best position to gain the most experience in one’s chosen career path to become a successful professional.

Career Success International (CSI) is a division of ECOMM Global Technologies, Inc.

  • CSI works with you to identify a host company that matches well with your professional or educational background which meets the needs of all parties and aligns with federal regulatory requirements
  • CSI takes care of all of the paperwork with regards to your visa documentation, Embassy appointment and interview schedule, provide medical insurance  and 24-hour  emergency assistance through your J1 Sponsor and support you during the program
  • CSI makes life easier for you and ensure that your placement is done in the least time possible
  • A personalized coaching session before each interview to ensure your success
  • CSI offers general support before participants travel to the USA
  • After participants arrive in the USA, Career Success International continues to work with J-1 sponsors to support participants